Mission Statement:
To create a unique product that is artistic and functional, as well as environmentally and socially conscious.



Animal and Earth Friendly
I am very passionate about our amazing planet, the animals that roam the earth, and the human being’s limitless capacity to discover, create and manifest for the good of us all. I am also a huge fan of eco-minded products, and of repurposing in the name of both art and necessity. I love recycling and recreating, turning the conventional into the unconventional. That is how I came to transform pet food bags into handbags. (A stimulating environmental art class was the final push I needed to turn my eco-inspired ideas into a business!)

100% Handmade
Eco Pet Handbags is multifunctional wearable art. Each bag is a unique creation of upcycled pet food bags, embellished with recycled and repurposed materials. The textiles I use are both old and new—sometimes I use designer fabrics for linings, and sometimes it’s fabulous vintage fabrics. I reuse everything from seat belts to paintings, yes, the kind you hang on the wall. In my studio, that found or painted masterpiece can be turned into a great clutch!

Eco Pet Handbags was created to blend innovative design and eco fashion with environmental and social awareness.

Recycled Materials
Each one of my bags is handmade and professionally stitched here in Los Angeles, California, where I reside. They are one of a kind, well-crafted products, whose urban chic arouses fascination and enchantment! The pet food bags come directly from consumers. They are then cleaned and protected with a recycled material to increase durability and make them water resistant.

Sustainable Design
Handmade products are beneficial to the environment and to our society. I hope you enjoy your bag. A percentage of every sale is donated to animal shelters across the US, and sometimes, abroad. I am proud to create products that are environmentally friendly, assist animals in need, and help to make the planet a better place to live. And when you acquire one of my bags, we become innovative and creative together. Thank you for your support!

We hope you enjoy our product and find inspiration in what we're doing here at Eco Pet Handbags … helping the planet and animals in need one bag at a time! Thank you for your Support.

Laura Ambrosio Shnitzer , Founder and Designer